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Registration company in Switzerland

Incorporating a Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung (Limited Liability Company in Switzerland). A Limited Liability Company in Switzerland is formed by at least one shareholder with a minimum share capital of 20.000 CHF, and with the liability of the members limited by their contribution to the capital. The management is assured by the general meeting of the shareholders and one or more directors (residency of Switzerland).

The Stock Corporation in Switzerland (Aktiengesellschaft) is specially designed and can be established by at least two shareholders with 100,000 CHF. The liability of the members is also limited by their contribution to the capital and the management is assured by the general meeting of the shareholders and by a board of managers appointed by it. The investors must be aware that the managers must be Swiss resident and be shareholders of the entity.


unique name must be chosen for the company before starting the incorporation process in Switzerland and after that a bank account must be opened for future transactions. The minimum share capital a Swiss GMBH or AS has to be deposit here, 20.000 CHF for Swiss GMBH or 10.000 CHF for AS.

A public notary must notarize the personal and corporate signatures and authenticate the articles of association and the public deed of incorporation of the entity incorporated in Switzerland.

In order to obtain a legal personality every company registered in Switzerland must register with the Commercial Register of Switzerland. In order to do that, the founders must submit an application containing the articles of association, specimen signatures of the managing board, Stampa Declaration Form and Lex Friedrich Declaration Form, registered office of the company, social capital, object of activity etc. 

The registration procedure can be carried out via express mail, in which case the whole process is completed in 3 to 5 days. After the issuance of the registration certificate of the new Swiss company, the Swiss Commercial Register publishes the articles of association, the statutes and all names of shareholders in the Swiss Commercial Gazette and the announcement is included in the registration fee.

 Not every company incorporated in Switzerland has to be registered for tax purposes. This depends on the object of activity of the company. However companies which are obliged to register for tax must file an application with the Federal Tax Administration after incorporating the company at the Swiss Commercial Register. The same rule applies for VAT registration; the application must contain the registration certificate issued by the Commercial Register of Switzerland, and other relevant company documents.


Name of the Service Price,CHR
Registration (drafting Minutes, Memorandum, Articles of Association, notary fee, excluding Registration fee – apr.800 CHF) 8 000
Annual service (Service of General Director, Legal address in canton Zug or other cantons, legal service for Board of Directors). If you need a physical address it will cost an additional 3 000 CHF. 13 500
Annual service of Shareholder 1 000
Accounting service From 2 800 (depends on quantity of transaction)
Audit (non obligatory according to Swiss legislation) From 1 500
Other Legal service Negotiable
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