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Registration of a company (an offshore company) in Seychelles

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A company registered in the Republic of Seychelles belongs to the classic offshore zone (International Business Company). Companies operating outside the state are fully exempt from paying taxes in the country of incorporation and pay only a fixed annual tax and state duty. International companies are banned from conducting business in Seychelles.

Registration of offshore companies in Seychelles is governed by the following Acts:

Consolidated International Business Act, 2016;

International Business Companies Act (Amendments), 2018.

Under them, all incorporated companies (IBCs) have the right to carry on any lawful business in all countries of the world. It is only prohibited to operate in Seychelles, since such activities are regulated by other legislation.

International Business Company’s registered office in Seychelles 

The presence of a registered office and registered agent in Seychelles is a mandatory requirement for all companies. Also, when ordering the “virtual” office service, the VERITAS JUS Consulting Agency provides clients with the possibility to have a domain name in Seychelles, an e-mail address, and a telephone number with forwarding to the number you need or an answering machine service.

Shareholder and Director services for an International Business Company in Seychelles 

The services of nominee shareholders and directors are permitted under the International Business Companies Act. There are no residency requirements for shareholders, the minimum number of shareholders is one, and a shareholder may be an individual or a company.

A Trust Declaration is signed between the shareholder and the beneficial owner, which confirms that the shareholder holds the shares in the company for your benefit and has no right to do anything with them without your consent. Other documents are also being prepared for the beneficiary from Nominee Directors and Shareholders.

Share capital requirements for an International Business Company in Seychelles 

There is no requirement for the amount and mandatory payment of share capital. The proposed share capital is USD 100,000, which is divided into 100,000 shares with a par value of USD 1. The following classes of shares are admissible: registered, bearer, no par value, preference shares, redeemable shares, and shares with or without voting rights.

Name reservation for an International Business Company in Seychelles 

The company name must be registered with the registering authority.

The company name may end in Limited, Corporation, Incorporated, or the abbreviations Ltd, Corp., Inc.

The company names that contain words such as Bank, Investment Company, Insurance, School, University, Travel Agent, Media, etc. must first be approved by the specialized Registration Authority before the name is used. Banking, trust, insurance, and reinsurance activities require additional licensing by the State of Seychelles.

Duration of work to register an International Business Company in Seychelles 

Registration takes 1-2 working days, plus 1-3 working days for notarization and apostilization, and 7-10 working days for courier delivery of the documents.

Accounting / Financial statements / Annual general meetings of shareholders

There are statutory accounting requirements, but there is no need for an annual financial report and accounts to be filed. Shareholders’ and Directors’ meetings can be held once at any location of the world or remotely.

The Republic of Seychelles has a closed register of Beneficiaries, Shareholders, and Directors. The information is not available to third parties and can only be disclosed by order of a local court or when requested by the Financial Intelligence Authority.

Documents to be provided after the registration of an International Business Company in Seychelles:

  Certificate of incorporation;

  Government fee;

  One set of Memorandum & Article of Association;

  Share certificate; 

  Appointment of First Director;

  Resolution of Director Consented to in writing;

  Director’s Acceptance Letter;

  Registers of Director and Shareholder;

  First Filling of Register of Directors with Register.

  Optional: Nominee Agreement;

  Optional: Declaration of Trust;

  Optional: Power of Attorney;

  Optional: Letter of Resignation signed by the Director (open date).

If you have any questions about registering a company in Seychelles, please email veritaslaw2009@gmail.com or fill in the feedback form at www.veritasjus.com.

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