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Obtaining EORI in the United Kingdom

EORI is a sequence of numbers (the equivalent of an identification number) that is specific to each businessperson conducting business using the EU external markets. Such activities in this case refer to all interactions with customs services: transit transport, export or import of goods, etc.

In the UK, during its membership in the European Union, entrepreneurs obtained this number on a general basis, but even after the country’s exit from the EU, it is possible to obtain EORI in the UK.

The benefits of having an EORI number in the UK

EORI is a unique tool for the customs authorities in any European Union country to identify a company. Although it is only compulsory for EU countries to obtain such a number, for British businessperson having it will help to carry out customs procedures more quickly.

There are other advantages of having an EORI number in the UK:

 Having such a unique means of identification will help a businessperson reduce the likelihood of their declaration being rejected;

The EORI number serves as a universal means of verifying information about a legal entity and increases the company’s credibility and reputation in the eyes of potential partners;

 Goods transported by a company with an EORI number spend less time at the border, which is more advantageous in the case of perishable goods.

The procedure for obtaining an EORI number in the UK

Under UK law, an EORI number may be issued not only to an existing incorporated company but also to a company that is in the process of being incorporated. When applying for this number, the name of the legal entity and the specific type of business carried out should be stated, and the reason for obtaining the EORI number should be the organization of the import or export of goods.

When obtaining an EORI number, the address of the legal entity and the VAT number must also be submitted to the local registration authority. In addition, the passport details of the company’s executives, as well as their nationalities and places of registration also must be provided. The specific type of goods for which an EORI number is issued must be specified.

In addition, the registering authority is entitled to request all information on the mode of transport, the suppliers and recipients of the goods, their contacts, as well as information on the means of transport.

For the UK EORI number and a list of documents for each case, please write to veritaslaw2009@gmail.com.

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