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Registration of a yacht or other vessel under the Seychelles flag

VERITAS JUS Consulting Agency LLC provides services on yacht and sailboat registration under the Seychelles flag for high-net-worth individuals and entrepreneurs.

Here are the main advantages of owning a yacht under the jurisdiction of Seychelles:

yacht and ship registrations in Seychelles can be done either in the name of an individual or using a legal entity with a nominal service (International Business Company type offshore) in order to maintain confidentiality;

no taxation for legal entities – owners (IBC offshore) – no tax is levied on the salaries of the ship’s crew and no tax is levied on the income from the activities of the yacht or vessel;

no taxation on the sale and purchase of yachts and ships for both parties;

preferential discounts for vessel mooring in port;

a broadcasting license, renewable annually, is granted;

affordable license fees;

no requirement for the tonnage of the vessel or yacht;

the state fees are reduced for the registration of a second vessel;

the possibility to conduct business on a vessel outside Seychelles waters using IBC offshore incentives (no income or dividend taxes). Read more about the types of business on the vessel in the article below;

fast vessel registration.

 Conditions for registering a yacht or other vessel in Seychelles:

the vessel must not be more than 15 years old;

if the vessel is more than 20 meters long, a surveyor’s inspection must be carried out and paid for;

submission of the following documents to the state registration authority:

Builder`s Certificate;

the technical documentation of the vessel;

Declaration of Ownership or Bill of Sale (proof of ownership of the vessel);

photographs of the vessel;

if the IBC is the owner, a certificate of registration (certificate of offshore company registration);

If the vessel is under another flag, a Deletion Certificate must be provided from the registry of the other jurisdiction. Parallel registration is also possible if there is permission from an authorized public authority and the consent of the vessel owner.

 Common commercial activities using a vessel in Seychelles:

tourism services that can be provided all year round;

commercial fishing;

sport fishing.

Before starting a business using a vessel in Seychelles, the following documents must be obtained:

Approved Seychelles Investment Bureau business plan;

The License of the Seychelles Fishing Authority;

Document of ownership of the vessel.

Options for the terms of registration of a yacht or other vessel in the authorized state bodies in Seychelles:

pre-registration is valid for up to 90 days;

permanent registration is valid for up to 5 years.

 Any questions on registering a yacht or other vessel under the Seychelles flag?

Please email your questions to veritaslaw2009@gmail.com.

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